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Storyboard creation process was first developed by the Walt Disney studio in 1930. The use of storyboards themselves in completing the quality animation is for movies and video. For a film or video, a storyboard is present before a movie or do a video production to help the director, cinematographer and lien television commercials in making visualisation, scene and look for potential problems before they occur.

Second, animatics. In the work of animation and special effects, storyboard creation stage may be followed by a simple term called animatics to give a better idea of how a scene is seen with the movement and the right timing. Simply put, animatics are not moving the series of images put together and displayed in sequence. Storyboard for the animation created with a simple concept and adapted to stimulation camera motions software is typically used for non-linear editing. In the world, business, storyboard adapted from the film industry and initiated by Howard Hughes is now in the storyboard concept used by industry to plan a campaign from a proposal that is used to convince the public at large.

Lately, the term storyboard used in the field of web development, software development and design instruction to present and explain events such as sesame interactive sound and movement. In the process of the user interface, electronics and display pages presents. Make a storyboard before the process of making the film and video has the advantage that it can make the user’s experience changes in the storyline. To trigger the reaction of the interest in good flashback. Quickly became outcomes in the storyline to trigger a reaction or interest as well as setting a chronological storyboard to build curiosity and interest in the process and visual thinking and planning to make a group of people revise together, putting their ideas on storyboards and then set it on the wall.

Therefore, the contents of this content are animated content, then the storyboard animation is the first description of like how a cartoon or animation will be visible. On the storyboard animation, storylines look like a series of comics, with individual pictures of the plot, scenes and characters and their emotions as a major part of the video or movie. Pictures will reflect the initial ideas about how a character looks, how his background and dialogue, as well as the emotions and the general message, conveyed from the animation process.

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