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If you see a car or any other vehicle that left unattended on the side of the road or street for more than five days, the biggest chance is that you have a vehicle abandonment case. It is forbidden by law to leave your vehicle unattended for more than five days and it will be considered as a disturbance in public health and comfort. You could use the license plate lookup service that available online, so you know who the owner of the neglected vehicle that you see every day. However, you need to make sure that you use a reliable service online to get true and trustworthy information.

If you use the service of the license plate search that available online you will get all information that attached to the license plate such as full name, address, DMV records, DUI records and criminal records or any legal information. You could use this information to a good use, so you need to make sure that you will only use the service of the trustworthy source. The trustworthy source will give you the right information and avoid scams. These scams will try to rob your money but they will provide false information. Be careful with the services that offer free services because the quality of the information could lower than the service to the member. The trustworthy source will give you the latest information because it is updated daily, so you will never be misinformed.

Rather than hiring a private investigator to look up for the information about the suspicious car you worry about, you just look for the license plate lookup service that available online. You won’t have to pay $300 for a single search that done by a private investigator, but you could pay around $125 for unlimited access for a month to the database by simply putting the license plate number into the search engine of the website. You could even be your own private investigator when you become a member on this website.

license plate search – For a motorcycle enthusiast, a motorcycle theft is one of the scariest nightmares that could happen to them. Not only that could separate them from their beloved bike, sometimes a thief could also endanger the life of his victim. In order to help you to prevent it, here are the tips to avoid the motorcycle theft :

Know the neighborhood

If the are where you’ve parked your motorcycle have been installed with security cameras, make sure that your bike is in the range of the camera view, just in case that’s your motorcycle has been targeted. If the worst case scenario happened, then at least the thief action would be caught on camera. It’s even can make the thief think twice before stealing a bike that’s viewed by the security cams. You need to take the advantage of the security systems and you really need to know the neighborhood well.

Watch your garage

If you have a private garage, you can try to strengthen its defenses just like installing the security cams in the garage. If you’re parking your bike in the garage, you can try to make it hidden from the outside view, you can use the stuff in the garage to block the outside view to your motorcycle. Always check the key of your garage, just in case if it’s break. If you don’t check it regularly, it’s the same as inviting the thieves to steal your bike.

Give some marks on your bike

This is just as a precaution. However, this tips will be the most useful when your bike is being stolen by a thief. You can mark your bike, especially on the removable parts and components that often to be sold in the black market. The most common motorcycle system is by disassembling the bike right away after they got it in their hands. By marking them, now you can identify the parts that have been stolen, and the one that’s used to be your bike, so you can report the shop owner to the police and make it more difficult for the thief to sell their stolen motorcycle.

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