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Double Glazing Zone – Get quotes for windows – There are so many ways to clean the glass window in your house. However, it’s not wrong to check the simple tips as follows :

Use the toothpaste

Of course, it’s not enough to clean the window glass just with water, especially if the window has been scratched. In order to remove those scratches, you can use the toothpaste. Rub the toothpaste on the smooth wiping cloth. After that, rub the cloth on the glass for 30 seconds. Then, rub it again with the clean cloth until it’s shiny.

Avoid to clean your glass when the sun is high

You may think that the best way to clean your glass is when the sun is scorching. It’s a big mistake. The blazing sunlight will make your window glass to have some striped lines. It’d be the best time for you to clean your window glass when the weather is cloudy.

Use the coffee (filter) paper

Don’t use the tissue to wipe the window glass. The tissue paper will break if it’s in contact with water so it will leave some stains on the glass while wiping it with wiper will leave some smooth fibers.

That’s why it’s recommended for you to use the coffee filtration paper. This paper has the high water absorption and won’t leave any mark on the glass.

Besides the coffee filtration paper, you can use the sponge or the squeegee. Clean the glass by rubbing it vertically. This is done in order to prevent the residual dirt from each rub.

You can also use the toothbrush with the smooth bristles to remove the dust and the dirt on the corners of the window.

To make the window glass shiny, rub the window with the cotton cloth or white paper. Wipe it until the glass is shine like a crystal.

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