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The police reaction to the drunk drivers is intolerance. Not only that the drunk driving could put the driver’s life at risk, but it will also threaten the lives of the passenger and innocent road user as well. One of the attention that the police give to this issue is the use of the alcohol detector device called Drager Alcotest. If you’re arrested in the New South Wales due to the drunk driving case, you can hire the best drunk driving lawyer at the

This device could detect the levels of alcohol substance in the human blood circulation in such a short time, and the result is also very accurate. It’s reached to more than 90% accuracy. It’s mandatory for a police officer to bring this device while they’re patrolling at night time. It’s allowed to the polices in the certain countries in the world. One of them is Indonesia. The Drager Alcotest also be able to detect someone who’ve been consumed any kind of drugs recently. This item is important for police officer patrol, especially after the week end nights and also the new year eve when the people usually just came home after a party. This way, the police officer could ensure the road safety more quickly and also efficiently.

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