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If you have a birth defect or a particular disease or had suffered burns, trauma or injury that causes one part of your body is not working properly, or if you want one part of your body to look more attractive, then it is time that to see Dr. , Kayser of Design Plastic Surgery who already have experience in plastic surgeon michigan doing different plastics in Michigan. Your choice of plastic Surgery Michigan is one of the important decisions. Dr Kayser and his staff understand the process very well to plastic surgery or cosmetic reconstruction.

Dr Kayser of Design Plastic Surgery has extensive credentials. He has completed his medical studies at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas – Texas. Have experience for 7 years to perform plastic surgery in Michigan. Not only was Dr Kayser had the privilege to learn from senior doctors in dealing with plastic and cosmetic surgery. The latest breakthrough from Dr Kayser is a revolutionary breast using spair lifts and breast reduction procedures from engineering Lipostructure or commonly referred to as a fat graft.

Some of the things that are the hallmark of Dr Kayser is Dr Kayser certified Plastic Surgeon of the United States which means the ability to be recognised by other plastic surgeons. In addition, Dr Kayser is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons-an organisation that prioritises medical standards, morals and ethics are fully met and membership in the internationally recognised organisation in serving patients.

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